• Location: 02 Customer care specialists
  • Work in: HCM
  • Number of years of experience: 2 year or more

1. Description of work

  • Implement the process of receiving and processing customer requests
  • Building information channels to help customers get the content they need quickly and accurately (information about prices, usage, warranty, contraindications, …)
  • Ensuring the input of the customer complaint information, issues to be resolved, and providing the information to the appropriate department for that complaint
  • Coordinate to promote promotions, preferential service packages of businesses to customers
  • Keep track of your product and service policies, and continuously update your product and service policies.
  • Proactively contact customers on Tet holidays, gifts or specials on special occasions and send them deals directly.
  • Conducting customer surveys on product and service quality, recording feedback to help improve products and services
  • Make reports to submit to superiors on customer survey, satisfaction with products and services
  • Prepare a budget for customer care
  • Standardize customer care processes for businesses

2. Rights and benefits

  • Attractive salary and bonus: salary is from 8-15 million. Attractive salary worthy of competency;
  • Considering salary increase once a year, employees immediately increase salary when they achieve excellent performance;
  • Bonus according to work performance;
  • Bonus holidays: April 30, May 1, September 2, New Year’s Eve and Lunar New Year…
  • 13th month salary bonus;
  • Rewarding outstanding employees by month, quarter & year;
  • Foreign travel rewards for excellent staff;
  • Always ready for picnics, and team engagement activities. Relaxing, listening to music right at the office;
  • Gain experience from experts & practical experience from many projects. – Full welfare regime: Teambuilding party, birthday party, March 8 party, October 20 party, New year party, year-end party Enjoy a full range of insurance regimes according to Vietnamese Labor Law and according to regulations of the company.

3. Application file

  • 1 CV (specify work experience).
  • 1 set of Portfolio showcases personal competencies and implemented projects or best products (accept PDF, PPT). – Related qualifications and certificates can be supplemented later.
  • How to apply: Send CV + portfolio to Email: