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Với kinh nghiệm 15 năm trong lĩnh vực xuất nhập khẩu toàn cầu, sở hữu đội ngũ nhân viên giỏi,
có thị trường sản phẩm Việt Nam phong phú, Monopolo tự tin rằng sẽ tạo sự khác biệt trong sự
cạnh tranh khắc nghiệt ngày nay.
Phương châm hoạt động của công ty MONOPOLO là chất lượng sản phẩm, chất lượng dịch
vụ được ưu tiên hàng đầu.
– Uy tín tạo nên thương hiệu và phát triển bền vững.


Monopolo hân hạnh được phục vụ quý khách.


Health Benefits Nutrition How to Prepare Black Garlic

You’re likely well-acquainted with fresh garlic, particularly its strong smell and taste. Have you ever heard of black garlic though?

Black garlic is fresh raw garlic (Allium sativum) that has undergone a fermentation process, where it’s held at 140 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 90 days. During the fermentation process, the cloves turn a distinct black color. The garlic’s texture and flavor change as well. It’s softer, chewier, and sweeter than regular raw garlic.

While black garlic seems to be a recent phenomenon, it’s been around and in use for centuries. Its origins are unclear, but it started in Asia well before it became mainstream in the United States. One reason for its popularity is that black garlic, like fresh raw garlic, has antioxidants and other key nutrients that can help to improve your health and prevent serious health-related issues.

Health Benefits

While black garlic has less of the active compound allicin than its fresh raw counterpart, it does boast higher concentrations of many nutrients, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. These higher concentrations may be at least partly responsible for the many health benefits that black garlic provides:

Blood sugar control

Like fresh raw garlic, black garlic can help to regulate blood sugar levels. Reducing high blood sugar helps prevent serious health issues, such as diabetes symptoms, kidney dysfunction, and more. Higher antioxidant levels in black garlic may also help to prevent complications related to diabetes.

Heart protection

Fresh raw garlic is known for its ability to help improve heart health. Black garlic may provide the same protective effects. Black garlic can also help lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which in turn reduces your risk of heart disease.

Fights some cancers

Many studies show that the antioxidant properties of black garlic can help to fight against cancer. One study found that it could help reduce the growth of colon cancer cells. Compounds in aged black garlic can also block free radicals in the body. This property reduces cell damage and can help to limit the growth and potential spread of cancer cells in the body.

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